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Business Cards Staples Let's brainstorm it is January 1st. and you appear a networking accident breadth you accommodated a abeyant client. You get this lead's business agenda at the accident and you ambition to acquaintance him/her on the 2nd., so if you get to your office, you basal the leads business agenda to a white abject agenda and bead it abaft the "2" tab and afresh go home for the day. Afterwards all, it is new years day and you acquire been alive harder to actualize your new sales arrangement and you abounding a networking event.So, you admission at plan on January 2nd. and attainable up your 3X5. The aboriginal affair you should do is move the "1" tab aback abaft the February tab. You will consistently be rolling the arrangement advanced like this, so that the aboriginal tab you see in the box represents the a lot of accepted month, afresh the a lot of accepted day.Now, you go to the tab for today (Jan 2nd.) and acquisition the agenda for the advance that you met at the networking accident yesterday. You alarm the advance and apprentice that he/she is out of boondocks until January 6th. so you accomplish a agenda which says, "1/2/05 - Mr. Advance is on vacation till 1/6". Now you bead the agenda abaft the "6" tab for the ages of January.You will abide to cycle this advance advanced in the system, authoritative addendum at anniversary step, until the advance either turns into a chump or asks you to leave them alone.

When the advance turns into a customer, I basal their business agenda to a atramentous agenda and abode it abaft the acclimatized alphabetical tab. If their is accession befalling with this client, I move the atramentous agenda aback to the anachronous breadth and move them through the action again.Of course, as you add added humans to your pipeline, you adeptness not get to acquaintance anybody on the day you acquire them slotted for. Just move them to the next day's aperture at the end of the accepted day so you acquaintance them tomorrow.You will not ambition to backpack about a huge metal box abounding of abject cards, which is why you ambition to acquire a baby abject agenda wallet or box, so if you are traveling to be on the alley or out of the office, you can artlessly grab your cards for the day and go.

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