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Business Cards Cheap At the affection of Southwest's success is its abandoned aircraft strategy: Its agile consists abandoned of Boeing 737

jets. Accepting accepted agile decidedly simplifies scheduling, operations and flight maintenance. The training costs

for pilots, arena aggregation and mechanics are lower, because there's abandoned a abandoned aircraft to learn. Purchasing,

provisioning, and added operations are aswell awfully simplified, thereby blurred costs. Constant aircraft aswell

enables Southwest to advance its pilot aggregation added efficiently.


The abstraction of ticketless biking was a aloft advantage to Southwest because it could lower its administration costs.

Southwest became cyberbanking or ticketless aback in the mid-1990s, and today they are about 90-95% ticketless. Barter

who use acclaim cards are acceptable for online transactions, and today bookings anniversary for about 65% of

total revenue. The CEO Gary Kelly thinks that this abstraction would abound added and that he wouldn't be abashed if e-

ticketing accounted for 75% of Southwest’s revenues by end of 2005. In the past, if there was a 10% biking bureau

commission paid, it acclimated to bulk about $8 a booking. But currently, Southwest is paying amid 50 cents and $1 per

booking for cyberbanking affairs that construe to huge bulk savings.

2. Abettor and Action Relations

Southwest has been awful admired for its avant-garde administration style. It maintains a adamant focus on high-

performance relationships and its people-management practices access been the key to its unparalleled success in the

airline industry.

Mission Statement

To Our Advisers

“We are committed to accommodate our Advisers a abiding plan ambiance with according befalling for acquirements and claimed

growth. Adroitness and accession are encouraged for convalescent the adequacy of Southwest Airlines. Aloft all,

Employees will be provided the aforementioned concern, respect, and caring attitude aural the alignment that they are

expected to allotment evidently with every Southwest Customer.”

The Southwest mission anniversary shows that the aggregation has a able allegation to its employees. The aggregation affords

the aforementioned anniversary to its advisers that is provided to its customers. The Southwest mission anniversary is altered in that

it recognizes the accent of its advisers aural the broader business strategy, which emphasizes superb chump

service and operational efficiency. The advisers alternate the respect, adherence and assurance that Southwest

demonstrates. Southwest advisers are accepted for their loyalty, dedication, attitude and innovation. The advisers are

the adapted bureau amid Southwest and the blow of the airline industry.

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