Walmart Business Cards


Walmart Business Cards Before you set up that appointment know that it may be your only shot with that buyer so make sure it is on point. Buyer's lives are so hectic that they prioritize their time giving the majority of it to their biggest suppliers; this makes a lot of sense to them since the biggest suppliers tend to have the biggest impact on their business. This leaves little time for small suppliers and potential suppliers and with their new initiative to reduce suppliers; it makes more sense for them to ignore potential suppliers all together. So what's my point, if you do get that rare appointment prepare to make it the best, most focused presentation you have ever given because it may well be your last!

Assuming you know your own products and company very well the question becomes how well you know your competitors and Wal-Mart. Unbelievably there have been suppliers who have presented to Wal-Mart buyers without ever walking through the door of a Wal-Mart store, bad idea! It is vital that you know how Wal-Mart is currently positioned in the categories you are presenting. Who are they currently buying from, what is their pricing strategies, how is the product laid out, where is it located in the store, how much promotional space is available and most importantly how will your product improve their current offering.

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