American Airlines Business Card


American Airlines Business Card Buyers at Wal-Mart like to get right to the point; remember they do not have the luxury of time. Briefly introduce yourself and your team. Only bring members of your team that will add substantial value to the meeting; large entourages do not impress Wal-Mart buyers. Quickly highlight your company's key attributes especially if they involve sustainability or human rights. Do not allow the above to take more than 5 minutes of your presentation; leave handouts with more detailed information for review later. Start by talking about the problems your targeted Wal-Mart customer faces then present the solution; your product. Go into the details of how your product offers the customer a better solution for their real problem better than what Wal-Mart currently carries today.

Do not take this opportunity to bash your competitors, you will immediately be seen as an untrustworthy sales representative. Focus on your product; why is it a better solution. During this part of the presentation, you should have handed over the sample to the buyer. If all goes well the buyer will touch it and explore its functions and design. If your sample is a mock up or prototype, explain this up front before handing it over to the buyer. It is always suspicious when this is pointed out only after the sample breaks or fails to operate correctly.

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