Business Card Size Inches


Business Card Size Inches Finish with how the product is a winner for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. In the past Wal-Mart buyers liked to be the first to market with new items but today for the most part they are interested only in proven items. They want details on how the item is performing at other retailers; what type of demand your company has proactively created for the item. If you do not have grand numbers here then be prepared to discuss guaranteed sales and targeted launches versus company wide launch.

Buyers who are interested in your product will ask questions about cost, materials, product capacity, sustainability and distribution. Do not mistake product improvement suggestions as interest. Many times buyers like to insert their opinions on an item but would still not buy the item even if the improvements were made. Therefore, before you go out and spend thousands redesigning your product based on their comments ask, "If we were to make those changes would you be interested in launching the item to x number of stores". If the answer is, no, you just avoided a lot of headaches and costs; if it is, yes, you have forced the buyer to commit.

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