Square Business Card Size


Square Business Card Size No matter what industry you're in, a die cut business card can be made to match it. A hamburger shaped business card for a burger joint... a pipe shaped card for a plumber... a rectangular card with a bite cut out of it for a bakery (or a dentist!)... a card that looks like a city skyline. Even die cut metal business cards are a reality with virtually unlimited flexibility.From simple to ornate it can be done.

While die cut business cards are virtually guaranteed to stand out, they can cost anywhere from a little extra to a lot extra. It all depends on whether the shape you're interested is an already existing template or whether it needs to be custom created for you. It's also important to make sure that if you're choosing a unique shape, that you don't sacrifice the image you're trying to portray. An attorney, for example, could create a business card in the shape of a gavel, but that doesn't make it wise. So make sure your decision is in line with your company image.

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