Remax Business Cards


Remax Business Cards I was talking with my sales attic the added day and I was reminded of what my ally Steve Young, Dave Conklin and myself consistently say and preach: agents charge to accept they're starting their own business. If you get your license, you accept to yield it from the standpoint of you're starting your own business.

If by your efforts you can accomplish added money, afresh you accept to amusement what you do as your own business. Especially in absolute estate....when you get your license, your assets is exponential. I apperceive agents who haven't had a adjustment in months. I apperceive others who accomplish over a actor dollars a year. Do they plan 30 hours a week? No. But the one who hasn't had a adjustment in 6 to 8 months and hasn't gotten paid is apparently alive beneath than 30 hours a week...or is alive lazy, afraid and stupid.

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